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I am currently a MS By Research student at Search and Information Extraction Lab SIEL, IIIT-Hyderabad jointly supervised by Dr. Manish Gupta from Microsoft R&D, India and Prof. Vasudeva Varma, Dean R&D, IIIT-Hyderabad. My areas of interst are : Machine Learning, Information Retrieval and Extraction, Recommendation Systems, Deep Computer Vision (incr. order of preference, right-to-left).

Currently I am working towards building “Automatic Hate Speech Detection system” for social media and “Medical Information Extraction” from social media using techniques from Machine Learning, Information Extraction and Natural Language Processing.

To find out more about my work, please visit CV and Publications.

Some updates:

  • [Janurary 2018] Joined Conduent Labs India (formerly Xerox Research Center India (XRCI)) as research intern
  • [December 2017] Two papers accepted at ECIR 2018.
  • [November 2017] Two papers accepted at NIPS 2017 Machine learning for Health (ML4H) Workshop.
  • [November 2017] Invited talk on “Deep Learning for Recommender Systems” at Thiagarajar College of Engineering (TCE).
  • [November 2017] Invited talk on “Machine Learning & Information Retrieval Techniques for Adverse Drug Reaction Mention Extraction from Social Media” at Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore.
  • [September 2017] Two papers on Content Based News Recommendation System accepted at ICDM workshop on Semantic Recommendation Systems (SeRECSys)
  • [August 2017] Paper on ‘Semi-Supervised Recurrent Neural Network for Adverse Drug Reaction Mention Extraction’ got accepted at ACM 11th International Workshop on Data and Text Mining in Biomedical informatics at CIKM 2017
  • [July 2017] Paper on Knowledge Base intergration with text classification pipleline got accepted at SIGIR workshop (KG4IR)
  • [June 2017] Paper on Trust Prediction in Social Media using Neural Network got accepted at ASONAM’17.
  • [May 2017] Work on Hate Speech detection from social media covered in some leading publication house in India. Source
  • [April 2017] Got the Best Poster award at WWW’17 for work on Hate Speech Detection from social media.
  • [Feb 2017] Poster paper accepted in WWW’17.
  • [Feb 2017] Workshop paper accepted in WWW’17.

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